Four reasons you need a momcation

Have you packed your toothbrush? Please remember sunscreen! Go to the toilet before you get in the car! As a mom, you’re always on duty – even when you’re on holiday. Even though going away with the kids can be a great way of spending quality time together, it’s not exactly the best way to relax.

And if there’s one thing all moms could do with, it’s downtime. Maybe that’s why the concept of a ‘momcation’ is picking up steam – that is, a bunch of mothers going away on their own without their partners or kids. Sound like heaven? Not sure you’d be able to swing it? Here are four very real reasons you need to book that momcation right now:

It gives your health a boost

Especially if your kids are young, chances are you’re tired at best and frazzled at worst. The cornerstones of a healthy life are good nutrition, rest, and exercise – one or all of which you may have compromised along the way in favour of bringing up your small humans. Going away on your own (or with a group of other moms) means you can be ‘selfish’ in the true sense of the word and reclaim your health: whether that means cooking healthy meals at your holiday house, eating at a ‘grown-up’ restaurant without interruptions, getting a full night’s sleep, or taking time to exercise on your own.

It allows you to reconnect with friends

When we’re single, our girlfriends are everything to us – we spend uninterrupted days and hours together, and we know each other’s lives inside out. But when we become moms, suddenly time for those friendships becomes scarce. Sure, there are coffee meetups with baby in tow, but there’s rarely the opportunity for spending whole days or weeks together without your attention being diverted from your deep conversation to a screaming child. A trip away together is a chance to reconnect your old friendships, have long catch-ups that may be years overdue, and remind yourself that you’re not alone in any parenting struggles.

You can find yourself again

As moms, we’re always putting our kids ahead of ourselves, and if we’re working and socialising too, that leaves very little time for ourselves. What do we actually like doing in our free time? What makes our hearts sing, beyond those little people that call us Mom? ‘Me time’ is crucial for your mental health: it refreshes your mind and spirit, helps you to rebalance your outlook on life and gives you more inspiration to pursue your own talents and hobbies. Going away to another location is the perfect way to ‘enforce’ this connection with yourself again, where you don’t have to think about others –something you may not have had the luxury of doing for years.

It makes you a better mom and partner

It’s ironic that going away without your children and partner actually improves your attitude when you’re with them, but that’s exactly what many moms report when they arrive back home. If you’re the mom in a busy young family, a momcation can be a tricky thing to arrange, but it’s not impossible. If you consider the benefits – making you more patient, happier, and a better person to your kids and partner – and can communicate these to your network, then all that’s left is planning and saving for that one trip which will reap massive rewards for everyone.  

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