How to bring neutrals into your home

Bring calm and peace into your home with these three decor trend tips.

Let’s be honest, that one Bergamot scented candle is not cutting it anymore with our heightened, pandemic-induced anxiety levels. Take relaxation to the next level and turn your home into a soul soothing space by using The Stress Relief Palette – a classic collection of neutral colours to create 2021’s most comforting canvas.

Whether you are a minimalist, modernist or maximalist, neutrals will bring a sense of serenity to your home…so what are you waiting for? Let’s go neutral with these three tips from Italtile!

New generation neutrals

Forget washed out, cold greys and retirement home beiges. There is a whole new generation of neutrals…and we love them! The murmur of tea rose or palest peach, a sigh of lavender, a breath of blue, a kiss of sage, or a hint of yellow. Then there are the taupes, the glowing ivories, the terracottas, the chocolates, the honeyed woods and greiges (beige plus gray). The options are endless of neutrals inspired by naturals.

Create a monochromatic mood board

Gather your thoughts and visualise the colour palette by creating a mood board, starting with the colour that really makes your heart happy. We hear earthy, warm, dream-creams are making a comeback, so let’s start with brown. Create balance and interest by layering with every tone – from espresso to chocolate, praline right through to warm creams. You can even bring in terracotta!

Textures, shapes and patterns galore

Keep things visually exciting and add interest to the neutral backdrop by adding unexpected curves with geometrics. Think spheres with squares, art deco geometry with curvy, sensual nouveau shapes. Now add textures – glass, metals, velvet, raw linen, jute, rattan or wood, stone and steel. The sky’s the limit, so get creative.

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