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Ian Graupner inspires business women

Ian Graupner, a body practitioner, gave members of the East Rand Business Women an enlightening perspective on how our bodies react to energy.

The monthly East Rand Business Women meeting took place on Wednesday, June 10, at the Birchwood Hotel.

Graupner’s talk centred on what he calls “grid lines” within Earth’s surface, that can affect our immune systems in a positive or negative manner.

He said there are two types of grid lines, negative and positive, and if these lines meet they create geopathic zones.

“If these bad lines cross each other in a particular zone they can cause geopathic stress and weaken our immune systems,” said Graupner.

He explained that, if the space around you is in a negative zone, such as your bed or office space, then over time your body becomes susceptible to cancer and auto immune diseases.

“The positive zones are good for our bodies as they provide beneficial energy for healing and strengthening our immune systems,” he added.

Graupner advised that we should be aware of the zones around us in our homes and business areas and, if we do something about them – we will see the beneficial aspects. The East Rand Business Women meet on the second Wednesday of each month, at 10.30am, at the Birchwood Hotel.

For more information contact Glynis Holdsworth on 082 901 2813.

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