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Fairleads resident still in shock after losing part of his home

“Right now I am uncertain where we will stay or what we will do, all I know is what is left of my house is dirt, water damage and smoke.”

These are the words of Fairleads resident Clive Robertson (53), whose house partially burned down on Sunday morning.

Clive and his son, Kyle, were alerted to a fire during the early hours of Sunday morning by the sound of their alarm and the smell of smoke.

“We both ran to the lapa where the fire was and we tried to hose the fire, but it was too strong,” Clive said.

Through various means, the Robertsons tried to contact the Benoni Fire Department who arrived on scene around 2.30am, according to Clive.

The fire was put out by the firefighters but it left a trail of smoke in the remaining rooms.

A Fairleads house was burnt in the early hours of Sunday morning. The cause of the fire is unknown.
A Fairleads house was burnt in the early hours of Sunday morning. The cause of the fire is unknown.

“We do not know what caused the fire; we only know the fire started in the lapa,” Robertson added.

“The fire demolished four rooms: the lapa, dining room, and lounge and entrance hall.”

Rebuilding the home may be difficult for the 53-year-old.

“Because I was retrenched, I had to stop my medical aid and insurance for the assets in my house,” Robertson said.

“For a living I have been working part-time with my friend, assisting in his projects.

“Fortunately, my bond is up to date, so the building insurance is valid at least.”

Along with the concern of what to do now, Robertson is also emotional about the assets he lost which had sentimental value.

“I inherited a stinkwood chair from my great-grandfather and a wooden box from my father,” he said.

“I built the furniture into my lapa and had hunting trophies there, but now it is all gone.”

Right now he is waiting on the insurance for feedback about the house, but in the meantime, he is at his sister, Cheryl van der Walt’s house, in Kempton Park, while his son lives in Northmead with his girlfriend.

“My sister has been my pillar of strength; she lives abroad but has a house in South Africa,” he said.

“She visited SA and was supposed to leave next week, but she may stay longer to help me.

“But I would like to return to the comfort of my own home.”

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