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Corrections on Benoni’s history article

The City Times published an article in the August 26 edition of the paper.

The article was about the history of Benoni and appeared on page 35.

The following facts were published incorrectly.

According to Glynis Millett-Clay, founder of the Benoni Now and Then Facebook page, the Central Government School was established in 1904, not 1909.

Fort Street was changed to Voortrekker Street in 1938, in honour of the Great Trek.

Bedford Street was changed to Tom Jones Street because there were two Bedfords, one was an Avenue and one was a Street.

The pioneers who were mentioned played a key role in the development of Benoni and it’s surrounding areas, although not all of them played a key role in the municipality.

To date only the Chimes Hotel still exists, the other hotels that were mentioned in the article no longer exist.

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