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New lifeline for LifeLine Ekurhuleni

My personal affirmation is 'life is about relationships, wellness, and love'.

The City Times met with the new acting director of LifeLine Ekurhuleni, Audrey Steyn, to find out more about her involvement and plans for the NPO.

How did you first get involved in Lifeline Ekurhuleni?

In April 2019, Debbie dos Reis from The Guardians, an NPO in Western Extension, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in sitting on the board for Lifeline.

Debbie and I have worked together for many years servicing the community with humanitarian work and trauma support to the community.

I agreed to go through the nomination process and I was elected as a board member at the AGM. Thereafter I was elected as chairperson in the board meeting that followed.

How has Lifeline impacted your life?

Working as a volunteer is never an easy task. The amount of responsibility as the chairperson of an NPO is huge, especially when the organisation has faced so many challenges.

Fortunately, the board members are a dynamic team of individuals. In a short period of time, a strategy was put in place. My life was turned upside down as I needed to represent the community we serve.


Record number of calls to LifeLine counsellors during lockdown

I had to man up and take responsibility for the organisation, which was not an easy road but it is one that I have travelled with the support of the board, staff members at Lifeline, funders, friends, and my loved ones. I’m pleased that the board has given me the opportunity to be the acting director to bring stability and new exciting opportunities to Lifeline.

What contribution have you made to the Lifeline?

My personal affirmation is ‘life is about relationships, wellness, and love’. I have united the Lifeline family and created a working environment where staff and volunteers can live out their full potential.

I’m guiding my team leaders to develop their skills and increase our level of professionalism. This will then be filtered down to their teams.

The main focus of the organisation at this time is to upskill our staff and volunteers to a professional level of services offered to our community. This year has been a challenging one for everyone.

Our community is facing a time of emotional and financial crisis. I had to step up and run the operations of the organisation not only during a pandemic but also as the organisation faced its own crisis within its leadership team. This was a stressful time for me, but I am excited to say that we are back on track and I look forward to building the organisation.

Anyone who would like to join Lifeline Ekurhuleni, situated at 3 Russel Street, Western Extension, by becoming a volunteer counsellor, board member, general volunteer, donate items for the charity shop or assist in supporting the projects financially may call Audrey on 063 420 2654.


Take a course of self-discovery with Lifeline Ekurhuleni


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