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Mayfield dogs get a second chance at the Benoni SPCA

The SPC inspector visited the Daveyton Magistrate Court to obtain a seizure warrant and returned on November 27 to remove the animals from the property.

Five dogs were subjected to feeding on the carcass of another dog in Mayfield until the Benoni SPCA stepped in.

The dogs were confiscated on November 27.

Benoni SPCA inspector Oageng Mosito responded to a complaint on November 26.

Upon arrival, he explained that the owner was not home. However, through the fence he could see that there were five dogs kept in a small dirty enclosure with no food or water. He also noticed the carcass.

The complainants said the owner had allegedly cooked the dog to feed the others.

Mosito obtained a seizure warrant and returned on November 27 to remove the animals.

The owner was home at the time and said that he had taken these animals in as people were killing them and had to leave the carcass in the yard to discourage them from killing one another.

Animal cruelty charges will be laid by the SPCA against the owner.

The animals were taken to the Benoni SPCA as none of them needed immediate medical attention.

“They were dehydrated and scared but they will be fine,” he said.

Mosito highlighted that when adopting an animal you need to be ready to take full responsibility of the animals welfare so that it does not suffer.

All dogs were of different breeds, the oldest was just over one year and the youngest was four months.


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