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Benoni’s magician takes us down memory lane

The Farrarmere resident shared with the City Times that when he made it onto the front page, he felt elated as it was a milestone in his career.

Benoni’s well-known magician Trevor Duffy (Tricky Trevor) was featured on the front page of the City Times edition of May 2002.

The City Times caught up with Trevor to find out what he has been up to since he appeared in the paper.

The 62-year-old is an award-winning magician, who received a gold and silver medal award at the National South African Championships as well as in Australia where he came second in Close up Magic.

He has been in the magical entertainment arts for about 30 years.

He said it is a blessing to be able to interact with people, see the looks of fascination and take their minds off the everyday worries and challenges of life.

“There have been times when I have met people who are going through hardships, so it has been uplifting to make a difference and positively touch their lives,” said Trevor.

The Farrarmere resident shared with the City Times that when he made it onto the front page, he felt elated as it was a milestone in his career.

“It took years of hard work learning to be a magician and even more so to create a new trick that would even fool other magicians. So to see this achievement on the front page was a great step in the right direction,” said the bubbly magician.

“After appearing in the paper, I continued life as a professional magician or entertainer and I developed my skills in both the family and corporate environments, such as at company functions, weddings and promotions.”


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Trevor said he loves children and has entertained at birthday parties over the past three decades; he now gets calls from some of those children, who are now adults and booking him for their children’s parties.

In 2004, he was invited to lecture and teach magic at a club in England.

“From there my journey has grown to where I am now travelling overseas annually, teaching and performing. But most of my shows are in South Africa,” said Trevor.

His fondest memory of being a magician is doing shows for the Childhood Cancer Foundation.

“To see the looks of delight and fun on the children’s faces gives me great joy. My heart aches for those children, so it is special to add some happy moments to their lives,” he said.

Farrarmere resident, Trevor Duffy, was featured on the front page of he City Times in 2002. Photo: Supplied

Trevor said what he loves about the City Times is because it is a very community-oriented newspaper and he remembers years ago reading that the paper tries to add a good level of positive news all the time, as well as everything else that needs to be included.

That always meant a lot to him.

“Congratulations Benoni City Times, reaching a 100-year mark is a milestone.”


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