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Gloria shares fond memeories as a tribute to her late husband

The friendly and bubbly Gloria took us down memory lane as a tribute and honour to Campbell, who died on January 8, 2000.

Rynfield resident Gloria Miller (84) has fond memories of her late husband, Campbell, featuring in the City Times several times since 1980.

The friendly and bubbly Gloria took us down memory lane as a tribute and honour to Campbell, who died on January 8, 2000.

She described her husband as a legend and a man who was well respected by many.

Gloria has been a resident of Pardes Retirement Village for 21 years since her husband died, six days before his birthday and 23 days before their wedding anniversary.

Campbell died in a car accident while driving the first sports car (1978 TR 4) he had built.

He was known for his passion for cars at the Triumph Sports Car Club and other car associations.

Campbell Miller was featured in the City Times on August 8, 1980.

The automobile fan featured in the City Times numerous times from 1980, sharing his passion for cars and wins at classic car competitions.

In August 1978, Campbell won the first National Classic Car Concours and won the competition the next two years.

“His 1964 TR4 was featured in a show competition stakes by a 1971 Triumph TR6, the subject of another immaculate restoration,” she said.


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“Campbell set new and excellent standards which changed the way cars were restored, a standard that he never allowed to deteriorate (he was well known overseas as well).”

The Johannesburg Club has a Campbell Miller Trophy, which is handed out to winners in his honour.

Campbell Miller’s trophies for some of his achievements.

On December 17, 1982, Campbell was in the City Times for scoring another first in compressor sales – when he was the senior industrial salesman at CompAir.

After graduating from Benoni High School, Campbell completed his apprenticeship in fitting and turning.

“He became the first individual salesman in the South African group to chalk up a million rand worth of sales in 12 months. This involved selling industrial compressors in the Witwatersrand and Vaal Triangle.

“He also became a manager at the Pretoria branch, but he hated being behind the desk and went back to being a salesman,” said Gloria.

Campbell retired at the age of 60 to do what he loves, which was restoring his sports cars.

The couple got married on January 31, 1966. They were blessed with one daughter, Desireé, two grandsons, Craig and Ryan, and two great-grandchildren.

“I made sure that on our marriage certificate we were both 28 as I was turning 29 the next day, that was a huge joke between all of us,” said Gloria jokingly.

They later bought a house in Northmead, 10 Beech Street.

Campbell Miller’s obituary in a City Times edition in 2000.

Gloria said there was one thing Campbell was very firm about through their married life, he would never move from Benoni no matter what his salary offered him. This was his home.

Campbell was also a talented artist and he loved golf.

“I have six sketches of planes he drew at the age of 15. He also loved building miniature planes when he was a youngster. He had a Hornby Train Set, which he loved,” she said.

Gloria enjoys volunteering, reading, dancing and gardening.

Their love for classic cars has seen Gloria recently joining the Pretoria Triumph Classic Car Club.

Campbell Miller was featured in the City Times on August 8, 1980.

The former Wheels on Meals volunteer wishes the City Times many more years of success and sharing good stories.

“The City Times was very helpful when a fire broke at the factory next to the Labyrinth Stables, owned by my daughter Desirée,” said Gloria.


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