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Benoni SPCA receives much-needed food donation

To find out how you can help donate to the organisation, contact them on 011 894 2814.

Former Benonian Milika Stewart started a raffle in the United Kingdom for the benefit of the animals at the Benoni SPCA.

She used products from her small business as a prize and every penny went towards buying food for the animals at the organisation.

“These last few days have been heartbreaking for me, to watch parts of my beautiful home country be destroyed by senseless riots and looting is devastating.

“Not only has it left thousands of people without food and medicine, but it has also left hundreds of animals without food, medical care and warm beds.

“I feel so helpless sitting over here in England while my friends and family live this nightmare, and just because I live here now doesn’t mean I have forgotten or forsaken my people,” she said.

Stewart felt she had to do something to help, even just in a small way to help the animals who are now suffering.

“The people working at the SPCA are absolute angels devoting their lives to these animals and they deserve every bit of our respect and support.”

The Benoni SPCA is always grateful for all donations received by the public.

To find out how you can help donate to the organisations contact them on 011 894 2814.


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