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MCC grateful for generous donation

“The commitment demonstrated by CEG and ESP aligns seamlessly with our vision and values, reflecting a shared dedication to empowering vulnerable and marginalized citizens within our community”.

The Manger Care Centre (MCC) is incredibly grateful to Capital Equipment Group (CEG) and Equipment Spare Parts Africa (ESP) for their donation towards the organisation’s sustainable projects.

The company donated over R1-million towards the MCC’s projects, including skills development programmes and social services, like shelter and food for the needy.

MCC communications manager Andrew Wessels said the donation will enhance their capacity to incubate emerging farmers and bolster their existing infrastructure.

Some of the projects at the MCC include horticulture and manufacturing of greenhouse tunnels.

“In heartfelt appreciation, the MCC extends profound gratitude to CEG and ESP, which are part of Invicta Holdings Limited, for their generous donation towards our sustainable projects.

“The commitment demonstrated by CEG and ESP aligns seamlessly with our vision and values, reflecting a shared dedication to empowering vulnerable and marginalised citizens within our community”.

Wessels explained this will assist them to expand their initiatives and provide practical workplace experience to their AgriSETA accredited farming students.

The emerging farmers at MCC are responsible for the care of animals including sheep.

“These enhancements not only elevate our farming ventures but also ensure compliance with rigorous standards, facilitating a more enriching learning environment.”

“At Manger Care Centre, we believe in transforming mindsets and nurturing ideas that sow the seeds of positive change. Through the steadfast support of organisations like CEG and ESP, we can continue our mission of fostering holistic well-being and dignity for every individual we serve,” he said.

CEG CEO Graham Forte stated they are committed to developing meaningful and sustainable social responsibilities initiatives.

Another project the MCC prides itself on is the feeding scheme programme.

“Our team is pleased to be able to assist a deserving organisation in our area that does admirable work to uplift the lives of so many people in need,” said Forte.

“The MCC relies on donations to create a caring environment to help and empower vulnerable and destitute people in our community, making sure they feel that they are valuable and worthy members of society.”

The CEG’s passion for upliftment goes back may years through their CSI programmes and are happy to support organisations that help make the world a better and kinder place, added Forte.

The bakery at the MCC.

“The MCC’s vision, mission and values echo a compassionate and inclusive approach to tackling social issues and empowering marginalised communities.

“Overseeing projects that furnish vital resources like food, clothing and shelter, alongside providing rehabilitation services and avenues for skill enhancement, underscores a commitment to addressing both immediate necessities and long-term empowerment. The incorporation of psychosocial, health, and spiritual support underscores a holistic perspective on well-being.”

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