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CPF TIP: Reporting crime is vital

Reporting crime assist the SAPS to prioritise resources to affected areas.

Whether it is a garden set that has drawn the attention of would-be criminals or you were pick-pocketed at a local shopping centre, reporting crime is essential.

Stephan Lombard, spokesperson for the Benoni CPF, urges members of the community to report all incidents of crime to their local police stations and ensure that they are furnished with case numbers.

“This process is about more than ticking the necessary boxes to secure an insurance claim,” he said.

“Arguments that an incident could be categorised as petty should also not be entertained. Reporting crime is imperative in assisting crime prevention units to prioritise its patrols based on accurate data.”

Lombard explained that the SAPS use data relating to reported crimes to establish crime patterns within a given area as well as to beef up patrols in these areas.

“This information is shared with private security companies as well as the CPF network to combat crime,” he said.

“If crimes are not reported the police will assume that area is safe and additional SAPS resources do not have to be deployed.

“Once a case has been opened and a case number is allocated, a SAPS investigating officer is required to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter while establishing the possibility of reoccurring crimes.”

He concluded by saying that by reporting crimes you are ensuring that active investigations are launched, adequate resources are assigned, key role players are informed and suspects are brought to book.

“Play your part, report crime and ensure that criminals are found, arrested and brought to justice,” said Lombard.

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