Bring back the death sentence

Tired of crime in South Africa writes by email:

To the person/persons that entered my property in Farrarmere, broke down my gate and safety doors and violated my privacy on Monday, February 17, between 10am and 11.30am, to do some free shopping of my hard earned items that included my jewellery, firearm, handbags, laptops and perfumes and cellphone.

Thank you very much for breaking my wall safe out of the wall, leaving gaping holes and leaving my house in such a mess, turning over all drawers and cupboards and helping yourselves to some of my linen to carry your free shopping.

I hope that when karma turns around and disses you with the same courtesy you showed, you will remember that this will be because of what you did to me.

I appreciate that you took some of my most sentimental and expensive pieces, and pieces of my mother that cannot be replaced, and I hope that the people who buy these pieces from you meet with the same fate.

Bring back the death sentence.

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