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Train-your-name programme keeps soccer players fit

The Covid 19 virus has had a major effect on sports and sports training all over the world.

South Africa has seen the interruption of global, major league sports and even Olympic events and have unfortunately also experienced this same dilemma in personal capacities and in local sports facilities as all related activity has come to a complete standstill in the traditional sense.
With millions of children at home and none of their players able to attend training sessions, they rapidly came up with a solution to bring training to their learners in the comfort of their own home.


Local teacher taking it one dance step at a time during lockdown

“Our SuperSport coaches came together day and night to film an interactive and varied, level-based, online football programme to replace the sessions that would be missed by their learners,” said coach Ryan Macfarlane.
“This has been a successful tool utilised immensely by players during the lockdown, having allowed them to gain new skills and maintain old ones as well as ensuring much-needed activity on a daily basis.
“The Global Football Online platform is designed to reward players and parents on their level of interaction through a currency of points and progressing user levels. Players can compete with their fellow soccer schools players through a virtual leader board, keeping the training interesting and fun for the children,” said Macfarlane.


Golfer feeling frustrated

“Training sessions are split into two sections. Section one is the 30-day skills challenge, which is a unique set of exercises and challenges presented in the form of video demonstration to their players that focuses on individual ball mastery. “Players are rewarded by doing these sessions daily and by engaging with new video content as it gets released. All these exercises are specific to the Supersport United Soccer Schools curriculum and will keep their players progressing, skilled and challenged,” said Macfarlane.

“Section two is the 30-day conditioning challenge. Challenges in this section are hosted by Joshua Capazorio, who is a leading strength and conditioning coach who has developed and worked with world-class athletes both internationally and locally, defining him as a true performance specialist. The conditioning challenge is a combination of stretches, movements and conditioning exercises designed to help players become fitter, stronger and healthier in an age-appropriate manner. The conditioning challenge is great for parents and players to get involved in and will keep the entire family fit during this lockdown,” said Macfarlane.
For more information on SuperSport United Soccer Schools at the Benoni Country Club as well as the current online training that they are offering, contact Ryan Macfarlane on 083 227 6852 or benoni@ssuss.co.za

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