[LISTEN] HunTer continues to amaze fans

HunTer is nominated in the categories of Entertainer of the Year, Single of the Year, Album of the Yea and Female Vocalist of the Year.

‘Exciting’ does not even begin to explain the journey that lies ahead for Benonian HunTer Leite, who has been nominated for one local and two international awards.

The musician has been nominated for the Josie Music Awards (JMA) and Texas Sounds International Country Music Awards (TSICMA) internationally.

“The JMAs will take place on September 21 where the materials of my work will be judged by a panel of judges,” she said.

“I am so excited because not only are the awards being held in Dollywood, there will be a pre-party which Blake Shelton will attend.”

The singer said it is an honour to be sifted through 23 000 entries and to make it this far despite competing against 17 countries.


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After the awards, HunTer will make her way to Jefferson for the TSICMAs, which will take place in October.

“The winner will be judged based on their live performance with a band they have never played with before.”

The local award is where the Kicking Up Dust singer would appreciate your support.

“The SA Country Music Artist Foundation (SACMAF) presents the second annual country music awards for which I have been nominated in several categories,” she explained.

Fans can support HunTer by sending an email to sacmaf18@gmail.com

The email must contain the following in the subject line:

• HunTer Leite

• The category of choice (mentioned above)

• Each person may only vote once a day per category

There are four categories, which means each voter can vote four times (one email per category) every day.

Voting closes at midnight on October 15 for the awards which will happen on November 2 in Pretoria.

The nominee will also be giving two tickets for the awards to the person who votes the most for her.

“All you have to do is CC me in every email you send,” she explained.

“I will tally the votes and notify the winner on October 16.”

HunTer will personally hand over the tickets to the winner.

The winner can join the awards evening in support of HunTer.

The first and second runners-up will receive the nominated album of the year.

She is also in the process of hosting a golf day, which will take place in Benoni on September 18.

To CC HunTer when you vote, or to get involved with supporting the golf day, email HunTer on info@hunterleite.co.za


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