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Give your business a voice advertise with the Berea Mail a trusted brand within the local community. We can tailor make marketing packages for both print and online to suit your business, whether you have a full e-commerce website already up and running or no website at all, we have solutions for you.


27 300 copies distributed weekly. The Berea Mail is audited every 6 months by the Audit Bureau of Circulation and issued with a verified free distribution certificate


Caxton Local Media, the number one source of local news, events and shopping information in your area in both print and online

Quality content

One of Caxton Local Media’s most awarded newsrooms, breaking the biggest stories from a local and balanced perspective.



16 -24 17%
25 - 34 33%
35 - 49 35%
50 - 64 10%
65+ 3%

Local Readership

of shoppers use advertising in the local paper to help with shopping decisions

of people in Berea area eat out at least once a month

of the community are employed

of shoppers plan their shopping

of people have used the internet in the past 4 weeks

of the community have children

of people in Berea area get take out food at least once a month

Pay to have their hair styled

Women 90%
Men 78%

of people have done home renovations in the past year

of people have home security

Own phones

Cellphone 97%
SMART Cellphone 93%


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