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Vehicle-theft ring stopped in its tracks in Durban

The high-speed chase resulted in the vehicle coming to a standstill on Stephen Dlamini Road. After a search, it was discovered that the vehicle was fitted with cloned number plates.

FOUR suspects, possibly linked to various theft-out-of-motor-vehicle incidents in the Durban North, Berea, Umbilo and Mayville areas were arrested following a high-speed chase through Musgrave earlier today.

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Marshall Security’s Special Operations Team, Durban North SAPS Trio Crimes Unit and members of SAPS CI MDOC successfully intercepted and apprehended the suspects.

It is believed that the suspects were involved in a vehicle-theft operation earlier today.

“At approximately 09:20 this morning, vigilant team members spotted a vehicle wanted for theft-of-motor-vehicle travelling on Vause Road in the Musgrave area. Upon noticing the team, the suspects attempted to evade arrest by fleeing at high speed, endangering other road users in the process,” said Marshall Security spokesperson Tyron Powell.

Nothing stood in the way of the team who gave chase, bringing the suspect’s vehicle to a standstill on Stephen Dlamini Road.

“The suspects drove against traffic flow on Stephen Dlamini Road (old Essenwood Road), showing a complete disregard for the safety of others on the road. Despite the suspects’ reckless manoeuvres, the team remained resolute and continued the chase. Ultimately, the suspects lost control of their vehicle, resulting in a crash on Stephen Dlamini Road,” said Powell.

The car-breaking implements that were found in the vehicle. PHOTO: Marshall Security

Multiple car-breaking implements, computer boxes used for stealing motor vehicles and a 16-channel jamming device, employed to disable tracking devices on stolen vehicles, were recovered following a search of the vehicle. It was also discovered that the vehicle was fitted with cloned number plates.

“The four suspects, along with the confiscated evidence, have been transported to Berea SAPS for further investigation and processing. Additionally, these suspects are possibly linked to numerous theft-of-motor-vehicle cases in the Berea, Umbilo, Mayville and Durban North areas,” added Powell.

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