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Local mum sparks a difference

A bubbly, highly motivated, determined, big dreamer and faith-filled woman, Ros is proudly South African and passionate about uplifting education in our beautiful country. As a teacher at heart, she is raising a generation of literate readers and believes this is key to developing strong and empowered leaders for the future.

ROSLYNNE Toerien, her three children and their golden retriever, love the power of stories, creating adventures, making memories and helping others. This Durban North mom’s own story is one of grit, determination and collaboration.

About 13 years ago Ros took a break from her job that she loved and thrived in – teaching Foundation Phase – to become a full-time mom. And, like she says, all it takes is a spark, which becomes a flame that turns into the fire needed to bring about change. The spark was bedtime stories – a highlight that her and her young children Caitlin, Connor and Max, along with Cooper the retriever – enjoy each day.

“Snuggled up enjoying a good book or a made-up imagination story together, chatting about what we can learn from the book and coming up with our own stories … this was that spark. I love how stories have the power to unlock things in us and set us free, how they impart powerful lessons and challenge us to live our best lives.”

Already volunteering as a mentor to Grade R teachers to a disadvantaged school in Inanda in her spare time, Ros realised she needed to actively do something to bring lasting change to education, which would hopefully bridge the gap between privileged and underprivileged schools.

Her dream of establishing functional libraries and classroom book corners became a reality and the Let’s Educate A Rainbow Nation (LEARN) Project began.

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