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Berea SAPS warns residents to be wary of theft ‘out of motor vehicles’

Berea SAPS is urging Berea residents to be cautious about a recent rise in theft ‘out of motor vehicles’.

BEREA police are encouraging community members to be extra vigilant as the festive season approaches and to be cautious of theft ‘out of motor vehicles’.

“There has been a rise of cases of theft ‘out of motor vehicles’. From the recent cases reported, it has come to our attention that valuables are left exposed in vehicles by complainants. Theft is an opportunistic crime, and when criminals go past vehicles and see items left exposed, it becomes easy pickings for them. Refrain from doing this – together, we can prevent crime. The items commonly stolen from vehicles are: cellular items, money, laptops or PC equipment, clothing, bank cards, luggage or bags, wallets and purses, handbags, tablets and jewellery,” said Captain PN Naidoo of Berea SAPS.

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Naidoo offered some additional safety tips for local residents to avoid theft ‘out of motor vehicles’:

– Park your vehicle in places that are well-lit.
– Avoid parking your motor vehicle where there are no security officers or car guards.
– Remove detachable radios and the radio face when getting out of the car.
– Do not keep your driver’s licence, ID or fuel card in the car; rather keep them on your person. The car owner’s logbook should always be stored elsewhere as it contains security information.
– If CCTV cameras are present, park in this vicinity as they act as a deterrent. If a crime is committed, the footage may be used as evidence.
– Install an alarm or anti-theft device in your vehicle.
– Always close your windows when driving in the city centre so ‘smash and grabs’ can be reduced.

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