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Kuselo acknowledges local heroes for unwavering support

The objective of the day was to honour those who work in close association with the organisation to make a difference in the lives of those in crisis

Kuselo Child and Youth Care Services held an event called My Hero Day at Excelsior Academic College in Boksburg North on October 23.

This event was held to recognise and honour those who work hand in hand with the organisation to make a difference in the lives of children and families in crisis.

This NPO receives donations and support from community members and works closely with the Boksburg North SAPS and other stakeholders.

Amanda Coetzee, founder of Kuselo, said due to the generosity of donors Kuselo is still operational and able to provide for its children.

“It is vital to say thank you to those who help Kuselo. Without them we will not be able to do what needs to be done,” said Coetzee.

Local heroes were awarded a certificate of gratitude.

Certificates were given to Boksburg Advertiser, Reach Church, DSD, CMR Boksburg, Boksburg Child Welfare, Tambo Babies, AAA Alarms, ICE Events, Boksburg North SAPS, Touch of Hope, Scouts SA, Legendary Guardians, X Factor Signs, First Responders, Torchtech, Kiranglobal, SA Search and Rescue, Graphite Security, Ackermans, SACCW, EMPD, Excelsior Academic College, Pink Ladies, Ward councillor Ruhan Robinson, CPF Boksburg, Media24, Pascoe Ivestigations, EMS Chaplaincy and Trauma Support EMS Chaplaincy and Trauma Support, Kids Clinic, Ikusalethu, Legal Aid and Potters Haven

“We thank them for the work they do in the community and for children in crisis. This is our way of giving gratitude to all those who show sacrifice and commitment to inspire children in crisis.
“Child protection can be a thankless job. People might not see the valuable work you do in the community, but we do. Every little thing you do in the community is appreciated,” said Amanda.

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