Patel and Kruger on EMPD oversight committee

Patel said that from a young age he wanted to be involved in helping his community

Benonians Reza Patel and Melanie Kruger both have hearts to help the community and are doing so in the positions they now hold – Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) oversight committee members.

“We report directly to the city manager – we are policing the police,” Patel said.

Kruger has been a CPF member for 19 years and holds the positions of being an executive member of the CPF, head of training for the Benoni cluster (provides CPF training to 11 police stations) and a trainer for point of duty at the EMPD (train for basic accident scene management, funeral escort training and point duty).

She is also part of the Civilian Crime Intelligence Network (CCIN) as well as a volunteer at the Mary Moodley Place of Safety.

The Mackenzie Park resident studied at Wits Business School and was one of the first CPF members to receive level three first-aid training from ER24.

“I love what I do,” Kruger explained. “Years ago my sister was murdered by her husband, and I did not want another family to go through what I did.”

Between trying to help the community, Kruger still has a full-time job and is raising her child single-handedly.

Patel, who is no stranger to the media through his involvement with the CPF, said since a young age he always loved and wanted to help the community.

The Mackenzie Park resident said he lived in Actonville prior to his move to Mackenzie Park in the 1990s.

“I joined the CPF because I disliked injustice, and 23 years ago I was a victim of injustice,” he explained.

Patel has also been awarded a Rotary Paul Harris award, which Kruger made mention of in a meeting with our sister publication, the Benoni City Times.

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He is also the chairperson for the Benoni sector, station and cluster.

“On the provincial board, there are 22 members of whom six are executive member. I am one of the six members,” he explained. “I am the PRO for the Gauteng Provincial Board.”

In terms of founding the CCIN, Patel said he tried to create a structure whereby people who are fighting for the same cause can communicate and communicate to their teams.

“The CCIN has a following of several entities comprising between 30 000 to 40 000 members,” he explained. “I am the head of the registered NPO.”

According to Patel, he dedicates 70 per cent of his time to helping people through these structures and 30 per cent of his time goes into his business.

“I am also involved in risk management where I advise religious groups on various topics, and I take care of my mother who is bedridden,” he concluded.

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