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Karateka take part in first all-styles team event

“They were extremely brave to go out there and do what they did."

Sensei Raveen Dayaram of Lotus Karate Club, Parkrand, said he is proud of his students for their efforts during the Cobras All Styles Events Only competition at Bracken Park Community Hall in Alberton on March 9.

Dayaram explained this was the first team events only competition they have entered and added they competed in unison kata, bunkai kata and rotation team kumite.

“They were extremely brave to go out there and do what they did. I’m proud of all of them,” said Dayaram.

The sensei said the karateka are already winners for competing because it takes guts, determination and courage to compete.

“The medals are a bonus. As always, it is always very nice to win medals, but even if we don’t win a medal, we win by competing and learning to better ourselves.

“With tournaments, as long as we enter we have a chance of winning a medal. If we do not enter a tournament, we have no chance of winning a medal. With this first ever team tournament, we have learnt what it is to work as a team, because teamwork makes the dream work,” he said.

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