Police warn of spike in smash-and-grabs in Boksburg

Always be aware of your surroundings and stay alert when approaching or stopping at an intersection.

The police warn motorists to beware of smash-and-grab attacks on some roads in the Boksburg SAPS policing precincts.

This warning comes after the police noted an escalation in incidents, especially when drivers wait at red traffic lights or stop streets at the identified hotspots.
During the many recently reported smash-and-grabs, unsuspecting motorists lost various items, including gadgets, purses, wallets, and handbags, after the criminals smashed their car windows, stole the valuables, and fled the scene.

Spots the police flagged for these crimes include the notorious Main Reef and Field roads intersection in Angelo informal settlement, Pretoria and Rondebult roads, Van Dyk Road and Commissioner Street, and Rondebult and Middle roads.
Traffic lights that do not work are also blamed for traffic delays, creating the perfect opportunity for thieves to pounce on stationary motorists caught in traffic.

The Boksburg police said they do regular police visibility in the areas identified. However, their efforts seem unable to address the issue because the criminals stay away from the areas when they see a police vehicle. Once the police vehicle has moved, they return to the spot and wait for their next target.

The police urged motorists to be extra vigilant when they stop at intersections, keep their doors locked and lock valuables in the boot when travelling and parking in a public space.
In cases of theft from vehicles and smash-and-grabs, the police said thieves usually want valuables they can easily see through a window.

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