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Teachers, local organisation help needy learners during Ramadan

“Ramadan is a month where we give a lot and Muslims look after each other. Charity begins at home. It would be wrong of me to be involved in other charity programmes when there are children in front of me that have needs.”

William Hills Secondary School teacher Soaad Bham has urged the Muslim community to pay closer attention to the needs of those in their immediate surroundings when on charity drives during the month of Ramadan.

“I’m not saying people shouldn’t help. Help wherever you can, but also look at your immediate surroundings. Focus shouldn’t only be on charities or relief funds that are helping,” she said.

“For instance, if you look in your class like I did, you can see these children cannot stand with their buckets to collect Haleem on a Sunday, yet they are the ones that need it the most.”

Soaad Bham started the Willam Hills Secondary School Ramadan project to help struggling Muslim learners.

Bham was speaking during the handover of Ramadan packs to less fortunate learners at the school on March 23.
The packs included dates to break their fast, toiletries and sanitary pads.

According to Bham, the month of Ramadan is taxing – emotionally, physically and spiritually – and the packs will be helpful to the learners during their fasting.

Different speakers also advised the learners on hygiene, how to look after themselves and ensure they get the essential spiritual upliftment during this month.

Some of the packs given to Muslim learners from William Hills Secondary School.

The Afrikaans teacher started the William Hills Secondary School Ramadan project along with the Benoni Ladies Forum after realising the school was not involved in the Ramadan shoebox project.

“We identified what the learners needed. Most of these children are often overlooked. Some even have names that suggest they are not Muslim and therefore don’t practice the religion openly.

“By us, identifying them as children that need help, we are giving them the confidence to go to a Masjid. This donation alleviates some of the pressures they have in their lives,” she said.

The blue and red packs were handed out to female learners while the blue was given to males.

Bham firmly believes charity begins at home and that it would be wrong to focus her energy elsewhere when there are people who need her help in front of her.

“Ramadan is a month where we give a lot and Muslims look after each other. Charity begins at home.”

She added she would approach local Haleem distributors to add William Hills to their distribution list.

Soaad Bham.

“As a teacher, you can notice when a child is sitting in class hungry. They don’t concentrate or worry about their work.”

Learners Maleeyah Mina Douki and Latoya Rukainga thanked Bham, their teachers and Benoni Ladies Forum for their help. They said they would also help others in their community who are in need.

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