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Fireworks: Kisses the missing dachshund is back home

The family got their dog back nearly a week after she went missing because of loud fireworks.

Kisses, the long-haired dachshund who went missing because of the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, has been found safe and sound.

Being scared of the loud sounds of the fireworks, the three-year-old female dug a trench and escaped out of the family’s yard.

According to owner Francois Botha, family and friends finally caught Kisses at the ERPM golf course on January 6.

Botha said his family is delighted to have their beloved pet back.

“We are so relieved that she is now back at home with us and feel things are back to normal. Kisses is doing very well. We took her to the vet to ensure she was fine, and luckily she is. She only had a few ticks,” said Botha.

The owner thanked those who jumped in to get Kisses back.

“A lot of people helped us. I also want to thank ERPM for their support,” he added.

Botha previously said the fireworks on Tim Street were terrible this year.

“People fired them off right in front of houses, and it upset the animals.”

Here are tips from the SPCA if your pet is missing:
• Check in with local SPCAs and fill in a lost pet form.
• Physically go to the SPCA to see if your animal is there because the SPCA’s descriptions of animals can differ from those of owners.
• If you find a stray dog, take it to your local SPCA because that is where people look for their pets.
• Post a photo with all the details of your pet on local lost and found groups.
• Put up posters at supermarkets and shopping centres.

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