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LETTER: Delay doubles Rondebult Road sinkholes repair cost

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Howard Skeens, Sunward Park, writes:

I’m generally not one who is big on comparisons, but it is blindingly obvious that after the major storm damage in Cape Town the DA led metro immediately began repairs. Compare this to the barely discernable storm damage repairs in Durban and environs.

The sink hole on Rondebult Road has caused major disruption to traffic and businesses, for the past year and counting. The ANC run metro obviously doesn’t care.

We all know that Ekurhuleni is in a shambolic state. Just look around and see the degradation and wonder again where our rates are being ferreted to (it’s surprising the media hasn’t questioned the MMC of finance).

How long did it take the metro to repair the sinkhole on Snake Road in Benoni? How many years? We can be certain that if this occurred in Cape Town repairs would more than likely be completed by now.

This very long delay has probably doubled the cost of repairs – which we ultimately have to pay for.

Can we surmise that the latter is what the metro wants so the appointed (cadre) contractor charges accordingly.

Blatant fraud and corruption carry on unabated. Where’s the auditor-general’s report?

Too bad there’s no law that automatically kicks in whereby the mayor and his “dream team of incompetents” are held accountable for gross mismanagement and get dismissed.

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