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Local beggar turned into entrepreneur startup

The Beyers Park beggar believes that she is on track to become a great entrepreneur.

The Beyers Park mother of three girls, Adelle Cloete, said she resorted to begging for alms after her family was left without means of survival when her partner, Francois Uytenhout, was retrenched.

After almost a month begging along with her children on Sydney Road near Retail Park Shopping Centre and the K90, the 31-year-old Cloete, came up with new ways of keeping the pot boiling.

Sharing her inspiring story, Cloete said she sat down and thought about what she should do to support her struggling family. Then the idea of starting a small business came into her mind.

“Selling boerewors rolls is an idea that I have for a while been playing around with, and I finally decided to go for it.

“I then started to save some of the money that people gave me when I was begging to use as capital for my own small boerewors rolls business,” said Cloete. I then started selling boerewors rolls outside the shopping centre on June 7.

Adele said she was well-supported on her first day of selling the boerewors rolls.

A community member, Juani Blom, supporting Adelle Cloete’s bugsiness.

“I made a Facebook post informing people about my idea of starting a business, and many people gave me lots of encouragement. Mooi Rivier Bakery came on board and donated rolls, which I used to get my business off the ground. A lot of people who saw my post also came out to support me.

“Thank you to everyone who came to help me. ”

One of her customers, Juani Blom, said it’s wonderful to see that Cloete didn’t give up or just sit back and rely on the charity of others to make ends meet.

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