Reasons why you should try low-impact exercises

Low-impact exercise involves easy but effective exercises with many benefits

Low-impact exercise is a gentle work out that is gentle on your joints and muscles. While exercise should form an integral part of your life because of its health benefits, you can consider adding low-impact exercise to your life no matter your age or fitness level. Here’s why:

Helps to build strength

For beginners, low-impact exercise helps to strengthen muscles and increases overall fitness levels without demanding too much. For athletes or people with high fitness levels, low-impact exercise will act as an interim ‘break’ from your normal workout routine, allowing you to retain the strength and conditioning you need when engaging in more robust workouts again.

Cuts down the risk of injuries

Any form of exercise has the potential to injure or hurt you. However, because of its more gentle nature, low-impact exercise like walking, yoga and swimming minimise the risk of musculoskeletal injuries. This allows you to keep fit knowing that you have minimised the chances of breaking a leg or tearing muscle tissue.

Accommodates people with injuries

You do not have to eliminate exercise life when you are injured. Low-impact exercise can include activities as simple as garden work or house chores. People with injuries can also engage in exercises such as swimming and slow walks which are very effective. Be sure to inform your doctor about any physical activities you’d like to partake in if you have an injury or condition that requires you to minimise movement.

Encourages a consistent workout routine

Because low-impact exercise feels less strenuous, it makes it easier to commit and maintain consistency in your workout routine. Over time, your body will respond with increased fitness levels and better-conditioned muscles. Because it does not leave you exhausted with possible muscle strain, like that experienced with high-impact exercise, routine is easier to develop.

It is great for the elderly

With age comes many challenges and among them are joint-strength deterioration and muscle pain. Your bones get weaker as you grow older, posing a challenge to engaging in most physical activities. Low-impact exercise is elderly-friendly, it is easy on the joints while increasing overall strength and energy levels.

The above-mentioned factors are some of the reasons why starting a low-impact exercise routine may be just what you are looking for.

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