Tips to help you choose the right skincare products

Feel confident with fresh, dewy skin by using these three tips to make sure you are using the right products this summer.

Your skincare routine and product choice usually changes slightly as the seasons change too. Understanding your skin type will help you choose the best products to make your skin glow and look its best.

Which products work best for my skin type?

Oily skin

Manage that excess oil on your skin by opting for products that are lightweight and include ingredients that won’t clog the pores.

Dry skin

Go for cream and ointments containing macadamia nut oil or shea butter.

Normal/Combination skin

An oily T-panel (forehead, nose and chin) and dryer cheeks usually means you need a heavier moisturiser in winter and a lighter cream in summer.

Sensitive skin

Stay away from anything that might irritate your skin, so look for products with fewer ingredients and fragrance-free formulas. 

Trust in local

The South African summer sun is harsh and therefore it is often best to trust in a local product range, such as Annique, that has been specifically developed to protect your skin in our climate conditions. Locally produced products will also be likely to include some of South Africa’s unique botanicals, including Rooibos and Marula, which is perfect to help your skin stay healthy and soft regardless of the season.

Look at the ingredients

Regardless of your skin type or the season, there are certain products you want to avoid seeing in your skin care’s ingredient list. These include perfume, formaldehyde and alcohol as they can cause irritation to your skin and eyes.

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