Must-have garden power tools for Father’s Day

Get the lowdown on why size matters in terms of lawnmowers, brush cutters and trimmers. 

Make dad’s garden chores that much easier, faster and better with these tips from Rolux on how to choose the perfect power tool: 

Lawnmowers – factors to consider:

  1. How wide should you go? The wider the mower, the faster you get the job done. Cut down your mowing time over the weekend, by opting for a wider lawnmower, especially if you have a large lawn.
  2. Petrol or electric motor?  A petrol mower is better for large gardens, as you don’t have to worry about a plug point and a long cord. Rolux Magnum X has two petrol mower options – a 159cc and a 196cc engine – both of which are built to tackle even the unruliest of lawns. An electric mower is a good choice for a smaller garden. It is easy to move around and store away while being friendlier on your budget compared to the petrol alternative. The power cord means you are limited to how far you can venture, and an extension cord designed to handle longer distances will set you back a few extra bucks.

Brush cutter or trimmer?
Not sure which one to go for? It all depends on how much power you need.

  1. A trimmer is ideal for small, maintenance jobs such as  keeping your edges neat and giving that finishing touch to your lawn. They usually only have a nylon line for cutting light vegetation like grass.
  2. Brush cutters are used for the more hardcore, demanding jobs and often have a nylon line option and strong metal blades for tackling dense vegetation, such as overgrown shrubs.

Hedge trimmer or chainsaw – slim down or shape up?

  1. A hedge trimmer has teeth that oscillate backwards and forwards, perfect for chopping through small branches. It is lighter and less powerful than a chainsaw and can be used for trimming hedges and shrubs and generally keeping your garden in shape.
  2. Chainsaws, on the other hand, have teeth that rapidly move around a bar. These have all the power and can be used to cut through branches and tree trunks quickly – ideal for tree felling and pruning. The Rolux Magnum X 45cc chainsaw is compact and lightweight and has an anti-vibration and fast chain brake system, making a potentially daunting job safe and manageable.

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