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SANBS needs your blood to save lives this festive season

The increased demand over this period creates a strain on the blood supply.

The South African National Blood Service (Sanbs) encourages community members to donate blood before they leave for holidays this December.

While for most people December is a time of great joy and festivities, it can also be a time filled with lots of accidents and reckless behaviour due to alcohol abuse.

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Sanbs public relations practitioner Sini Subrayen said, “The festive season is generally a time when many people are on the road travelling to their holiday destinations and the roads become dangerous. There are lots of accidents and reckless behaviour, so there are many injuries through accidents, stabbing and fighting, so more blood is required to treat those people. Furthermore, many people have operations done before year-end and that again needs blood.

“Many donors go on holiday away from Joburg and don’t donate before they go so our stocks are depleted.”

While Sanbs puts on as many ad-hoc clinics as possible, the increased demand over this period creates a strain on the blood supply.

“Sanbs needs 3 200 units of blood every day and should be sitting on a five to seven day supply of blood daily, however, this is often not the case over the festive season.”

If you want to donate blood and wish to locate your nearest donor clinic, call the Sanbs toll free number on 080 011 9031 or visit their website on www.sanbs.org.za

Brakpan residents can donate blood at the Sanbs donor centre at Mall@Carnival.

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