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Baboon sighted in Brakpan

According to the local SPCA, the animal is migrating through town and is not a lost pet.

The Brakpan SPCA is aware of baboon sightings in the Brakpan area yesterday (Wednesday) and today.

The society strongly advises residents against approaching the animal, as it is currently undertaking a migration journey through the town.

It is essential to note that this baboon is not a lost pet. It is under the observation of wildlife authorities who track the migration routes of such animals.

Should you encounter this baboon, record the sighting location and time, and promptly inform the SPCA to facilitate monitoring of its movements.

Information can be sent via WhatsApp to 083 696 9052

The SPCA urges the public to recognise the baboon as a wild animal and to afford it the respect it deserves.

The society added that the baboon should be allowed to pursue its journey undisturbed and unhindered.

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