All about jungle juice for breastfeeding

If your milk supply struggles to keep up with your baby’s needs, Jungle Juice may help give you the extra boost you need.

If you’re pregnant you’ve probably heard the hype around Jungle Juice and are wondering whether it really does work to boost breast milk production. We take a look:

What is Jungle Juice?

Jungle Juice is a berry Elixer passed down by generations of moms. To produce breast milk, women need to eat more calories than they usually do and also may need to drink more liquids. This mixure is very high calorie and can energise tired new moms too. Although many swear by the juice and its high-calorie contents could definitely contribute to milk production, the tasty drink has very little nutritional value if any at all.

Why you should drink it

While many moms swear by Jungle juice, the sugar content and lack of actual nutrients could be bad for new moms. Watering down your serving of jungle juice and limiting yourself to one glass a day can help you avoid some of the ill effects of sugar while reaping some benefits from the jungle juice including relief from feelings of helplessness and stress.

What you’ll need to make it

  • 1 litre of boiled water
  • 1 litre of apple or berry juice
  • 1 sachet of blackcurrant rehydrate
  • 60 ml Schlen berry elixir
  • 10 drops of Rescue
  • 1 Cal-C Vita

Mix all the ingredients together and drink the entire amount within 24 hours for best results.      

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