Ensure smart nutrition for all stages in your dog’s life

Just like humans have specific dietary needs depending on their health, age and level of physical activity, so do dogs.

It’s important to provide the right nutrition to your hound at every life stage. From their puppy to adult to senior-life stage, make sure you’re giving your furry friends what they need to live their healthiest, happiest and longest life.  


Puppy breath

Adopted a new best friend? Exciting times ahead filled with lots of cuddles, a few late nights, potty training and lots of adventures. Start the friendship off on the right paw by giving them all they need to be the best pup they can.

Make sure your puppy is fueled with the right food to give him or her the energy and nutrients to grow into a strong, healthy dog. Puppy’s stomachs are more sensitive than older dogs (and much more sensitive than humans’) so the key is to stick to dog food and treats made specifically for puppies.

Nutrition during the puppy life stage is the most important element in determining growth and development for the lifelong health of your pet. Large breed puppies will need a food that is specially formulated to maximise and pace your pup’s growth potential, while maintaining bone and cartilage health. Small to medium breed puppies may need a puppy food with added gastrointestinal sensitivity control to help their little tummies digest food.

Any size puppy requires a food that is made up of 22-32% protein for optimal growth and OLYMPIC PROFESSIONAL PUPPY offers just that.



Your happy hounds are in their prime and living life to the fullest so it’s only appropriate that they’re fed a complete and balanced diet fit for their busy days, long naps and the occasional zoomie.

Quality dog food made specifically for adult dogs will give your hounds a diet that optimises their health and well-being, keeping them in peak physical condition, while supporting an active and athletic lifestyle. For example, OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL ADULT food is fully balanced and offers a smart, holistic health solution.

Are you and Rover up and at ‘em every day with long walks or runs, or do you take it easy with moderate exercise in between naps? The type of adult food, and the portion size you feed your dog also depends on the amount of daily exercise your dog is getting, with highly active dogs (more than 1 hour a day) needing a bigger portion of food than dogs who are less active.

This is important to take note of and build the best feeding routine to fit into you and your dog’s lifestyle. But, don’t forget, all healthy adult dogs need regular exercise and activity to keep them in shape, and to avoid obesity.


Hounds with pounds

Obesity in dogs is extremely dangerous and can cause serious health complications, not to mention it makes their lives very uncomfortable.

If you’ve adopted an overweight dog or you notice their weight increasing it may be best to put them on a dog food formulated for overweight pooches. A diet specifically made for weight loss will ensure that your dogs are still receiving the correct amount of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals while eating fewer calories. If your dog is extremely overweight or obese it is best to consult with your vet for a therapeutic nutritional solution.


Most shiny coats

Keep Bella feeling and looking great with a dog food formulated to offer support with skin and digestive sensitivities. Allergies and skin conditions are common in all breed types and sizes and a quality food can help keep their skin, coats and digestive health in top form.

OLYMPIC® PROFESSIONAL VITAL CONDITION is a great option for dogs with food or environmental sensitivities, and as a bonus your hound’s healthy, shiny coat will be the talk of the dog park.


Golden years

Senior dogs taking it easy and enjoying life with all the necessary creature comforts need a different diet to that of their younger years. As they age their nutrient requirements change, with older dogs needing food higher in fibre and lower in fat. It’s also recommended that the food has added digestive security and joint support.

Give your fur kids the best in pet nutrition by selecting a dog food brand that offers food specific to each life stage. Add in a healthy dose of dog-approved treats and your hounds tails will keep wagging.


Article supplied by By Olympic Professional dog food

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