Become a bird-whisperer by making a DIY feeder! Here’s how…

You know what will make your garden more special? Birds! And we know just the feeder to attract them with...

If you want to encourage birds to hang out in your garden, you need to give them a good reason to stay. There are plenty of options for bird feeders out there, but why not make your own using things you have at home? Follow these easy steps and make your own bird feeder in a jiffy!

What you will need

1. Apply a generous line of glue to the teacup on the side that’s directly opposite the handle, starting from the top (rim) and ending at the bottom of the ‘foot’. Then, holding the teacup by the handle, press the cup down into the saucer. Depending on the adhesive, you may need to hold the cup in place for a few minutes while the glue sets. Make sure the cup is positioned towards the back half of the saucer so there is room for the birdseed to spill out from the cup.

2. Once the glue is dry, your bird feeder is ready to hang. This can take about an hour or more. Then, hold the teacup by the handle. If the saucer hangs flat, then simply tie a piece of twine around the handle and hang it from a tree or a bird feeder hanger. However, if you pick the teacup up by the handle and the saucer is slightly tipped, follow the next few steps.

3. Cut three pieces of twine, about 60cm long each. Knot the three strands together at one end, then glue the knot onto the bottom of the saucer, in the middle. Spread out the strands a little before gluing the knot down.

4. Pull all three strands out to the sides of the saucer, making sure they are as evenly spaced as possible. Glue these strands down near the rim to ensure that your feeder doesn’t slip out of its ‘hanger’. Allow it to dry.

5. Once you’re confident that the glue on the saucer is completely dry, take the three strands of twine and gather them above the teacup. Adjust the three strands until the saucer hangs perfectly level, then tie the three strands together in a knot above the teacup.

6. Find a quiet spot for your homemade bird feeder in the garden. Hang it from a tree or a bird feeder hanger, then add some birdseed. The birds will be enjoying your new creation in no time!


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