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Still no lights at bridge

Lights at this bridge can make a huge difference.

Although the motor bridge at Khutsong Extension 5 is a crime hotspot the municipality has not put up any solar lights.

These lights could make a big difference in fighting crime by lighting up the area. In addition, many accidents have happened because motorists cannot see pedestrians trying to cross the road. Although normal high mast lights used to shine from the poles around the bridge, people stole them from last year.

Residents were elated when they saw workers or contractors erecting solar panels on some of the existing poles around the bridge in March this year. Despite this, nothing further happened, and it is only a matter of time before the solar panels are also stolen.

Taxi association patrollers in the area previously told the Herald that thieves who steal infrastructure in this area usually strike around midnight when they know no one is around.

On Monday, the Herald asked the municipality when it planned to install solar lights with the panels.

“There are no solar lights at the bridge,” was the municipal spokesperson’s only reply.

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