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Public park now a health hazard

Residents are not happy about the problem.

Residents complain that a municipal park in Carletonville that should have benefitted the community is now a health hazard.

A resident living near Jan Wilkens Park on Aster Street, Ms Ina Vermeulen, complained that someone burnt rubbish, including newspapers, in the park just before sunset on 23 May.

“This is unacceptable. The smoke makes your eyes water, and you feel sick, but these people don’t care,” she complains.

Vermeulen says she is so exasperated that she wants to take photos of the perpetrators and share them with the authorities. She says she discovered the heap when she investigated what was burning.

The Herald went to investigate and discovered that in addition to an issue of the Herald from 2010, the newspapers were copies of the independent Merafong Observer, which emerged briefly around 2018. It is unclear who dumped and burnt the newspapers, but the Herald’s distributer cleaned it up.

However, there were many more heaps of rubbish in the park. Vandals had also trashed the sign at the entrance to the park.

The Herald took the issues to the municipality on Monday.

“Anyone who sees illegal littering or dumping should report it to the municipal call centre immediately.

“Alternatively, they can contact the following numbers:
073 417 1213/073 357 1942 or 064 9075412 with information that will enable the municipality to identify the offender,” responded the municipality’s marketing and communications manager, Mr Temba Fezani.

Some of the newspapers dumped in the park.

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