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Watch out for these scamsters

Your case docket will also not disappear.

Criminals have found a new scam to con residents into parting with their hard-earned money.

It has come to the Herald’s attention that several residents of Carletonville and Fochville, previously arrested for driving under the influence of liquor, received calls from people claiming to be police officers. The callers notify the offender that their blood was positive and then ask the person for money to make the case docket “disappear”. Then, they take the money and continue to extort the resident for more cash.

Besides the victims continuing to lose money, their cases are not dismissed, as the extortionists claim, but are still on the system. Genuine police members continue to investigate these cases.

Paying money over to the scammers also make you guilty of aiding corruption.

Those who have received such calls should contact the Carletonville police station management and not engage with the scammers.

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