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Merafong’s voters ready for election

Merafong's residents are ready to vote.

With only a few days left before next week’s National and Provincial Elections, we decided to look more closely at our voters.

According to the IEC’s statistics on the Merafong City Local Municipal area, 96,424 residents have registered to vote in the elections on Wednesday, 29 May. Merafong has slightly more male voters (50.43 per cent) than females (49.57 per cent).

Most voters in our area are between 30 to 39 years old. This age category has a total of 25,276 voters, while the age category between 40 and 49 years old comes in at a close second with 23,116 voters.

According to the IEC, only 1,146 voters between 18 and 19 years old have registered for the election. Meanwhile, 1,307 voters 80 years and older have registered to vote.

The Herald asked some residents why they thought it was important to vote in next week’s election.

“Through our votes, we can tell the people on top what is happening. This makes us very powerful,” says Mr Pule Rathabe.
“It is very important to vote as it is the only way you can show you are not happy. Your vote is your voice,” says Mr Vincent Molefe.
“We previously voted but the people we
voted for are all gone. Although many
people lost hope, we have to keep on
voting as we are the tools that can bring
change,” says Ms Violet Maphalla.

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