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Healthcare group rejects anti-vaccination views from one of its doctors

Netcare disassociates itself from anti-vaccination opinions expressed by its heart surgeon.

Jacques du Plessis, managing director of Netcare’s hospital division, recently expressed Netcare’s profound disappointment and disbelief in learning about the distribution of a BitChute video on August 10, in which Dr Susan Vosloo expressed her personal anti-vaccination views regarding Covid-19.

“The sentiments as expressed in the contents of the video are in complete contradiction to the unrelenting endeavours of Netcare, our clinical colleagues, healthcare workers and others to try and curb the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The video further contradicts the views and endeavours of the South African National Department of Health, as well as those of global institutions, such as the World Health Organization. Given the grave implications of the comments made by Dr Vosloo and the potential deleterious impact on both national and global efforts to curb Covid-19, Netcare completely dissociates itself from Dr Vosloo’s anti-vaccination message.

“Nevertheless, we have full regard for the fact that as a medical professional, Dr Vosloo is an independent practitioner and that as an individual, she is fully entitled to her own views,” du Plessis said.

To date, Netcare has vaccinated more than 110 000 people, including 33 000 healthcare workers.

“We have three active vaccination sites, each of which is capable of delivering 5 000 vaccine doses per day. In addition, we have 25 Medicross vaccination sites that are about to further bolster the national vaccination rollout.

“We have treated more than 110 000 Covid-19 positive patients throughout the group, of which more than 50 000 required hospitalisation in our hospitals alone. We have sadly lost 76 of our colleagues.

As a healthcare organisation deeply committed to the health and well-being of all South Africans, we stand squarely behind the efforts to vaccinate as many individuals as soon as possible,” concludes du Plessis.

• MNA on behalf of Netcare

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