Christmas comes early for George Emslin

Dunlop Express Williams Tyre Corporation showered an Alberton resident with blessings on November 15.

An Alberton resident wrote a letter to the Alberton Record on November 15, which read as follows:

Every day, with a dreadful feeling of trepidation, I would take the onramp of the N12, driving to a venue in Mondeor at which I had recently been employed.

The entire journey was accompanied by a mixture of silent and spoken prayer.

The tyres on my car were badly worn, with the steel thread on both front tyres becoming more apparent on a daily basis.

The drive home at night was more traumatic. Knowing the cost of even secondhand tyres, I desperately contacted as many people as possible in the hopes of finding an affordable solution to the imminent disaster facing me.

There was a function at the venue on Saturday, and while serving the owner enquired from me if I had achieved anything yet, which I, unfortunately, had not.

A good friend of the owner sitting next to him had overheard the conversation and asked about my plight, upon hearing of my situation, he told me to come and see him at his tyre shop on 7th Avenue, Alberton North, which I did on Monday morning.

The owner’s wife greeted me and explained to their son that I was the one they had been talking about.

I was taken to the workshop, and it is with absolute awe that I relate the following. Not only did they fit four brand new tyres to my vehicle, but also did alignment for the car, they also assisted me in fitting a spare wheel, which I had been without for a considerable period. All of this was done by them for me at their cost.

I write this without their knowledge and hope that this does not upset them, but I need to show God how grateful I am for their help and assistance and as such, I am compelled to testify.

Thank you so very much and may God bless you!

Thank you, Johnny, Ducky, William, the staff of Dunlop Express Williams Tyre Corporation, as well as Andre van Rhyn.

George Enslin

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