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Crawford learners make it to the quarterfinals

The learners from Crawford International Lonehill Preparatory were selected to participate in the quarterfinal round prestigious awards.

Five exceptionally talented students from Crawford International Lonehill Preparatory School have been chosen to participate in the quarterfinal round of the prestigious National Eisteddfod’s Young Performer Awards competition.

The school is proud to host this event, which provides an opportunity for learners to showcase their skills in a variety of artistic disciplines, including poetry public speaking, classical music, and contemporary music.

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Heidi Lenz, music specialist at the school said for learners to be invited to participate in this competition, they first must obtain the Eisteddfod’s highest award, a diploma, at the previous year’s festival.

“They then participate in the first round, from which only the top learners were selected for the quarterfinals. This is an amazing achievement, considering that this is a national competition, with several thousands of entries received each year.”

She added that this is an exciting opportunity for these young performers to demonstrate their creativity, passion, and dedication to their craft. She said she was left on cloud nine seeing how the learners performed this year.

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“They represented the school in classical/crossover music, contemporary music, public speaking and isiZulu poetry. Congratulations on this huge achievement.”

Aliya Sewpersad who is a highly accomplished young pianist has qualified for several competitions in different categories. She has qualified with an impressive item in the contemporary music category.

Meanwhile, Phakama Dube and Victor Zeelie have qualified for classical piano, showcasing their exceptional skills in this genre. Robert Hurly has qualified for crossover music-voice, which demonstrates his versatility in different musical styles.

On the other hand, Gcinakwande Khumalo has qualified for isiZulu poetry, showcasing his talent for this unique art form. Victor Zeelie has also qualified for English public speaking, highlighting his impressive communication skills.

Robert Hurly has been a semifinalist in both 2022 and 2023 competitions, demonstrating his consistent excellence. Similarly, Victor was a semifinalist in 2023 and a finalist in 2022 for piano.

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