Piano keys make Crawford learner shine

Victor Zeelie made it into the history books as the first learner to get the greatest score.

Meet Victor Zeelie, a Grade 5 learner at Crawford International Lonehill Preparatory, who became the first learner in the school’s history to get a perfect score for a Trinity College London music exam.

He received an astounding 100% for his Grade 4 piano exam. Although Victor is only a Grade 5 learner, the level of repertoire he presented is only one grade below the minimum level required of learners taking their final IEB Subject Music Grade 12 exams.

His proud piano teacher, Heidi Lenz, from the school’s music department said, “Victor is not only an abundantly talented musician, but continuous hard work in perfecting his technique since starting lessons in Grade 1 contributed to this brilliant result.
“Victor is committed to his music, both the theory and practical components of the subject. He sets himself high goals and does his utmost to achieve these.”

Trinity College London is the external examination board of Trinity College of Music, based in London. It was established in 1872, with exams offered to external students since 1877. Trinity College London currently has examination centres in more than 60 countries worldwide.
“Victor loves performing to an audience and was a finalist in the National Eisteddfod’s Young Performer Awards last year, and a semifinalist this year. In addition, he is also a very talented swimmer. He swims for his grade’s A team, and has completed the Midmar Mile twice.”

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