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How to describe a suspect or vehicle to police

This is what the police are going to ask from you when you report a case or any suspicious activity.

When you report an incident to the police, it is essential to provide them with as much information as possible. This includes details such as the clothing and accessories worn by the person involved, their age, height, ethnicity, and any specific actions they may have taken.

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To assist you in recalling these important details, Douglasdale CPF has provided a diagram that can be used to highlight any unique or unusual features that may be relevant to the incident.

The forum believes that providing the police with comprehensive information, it will assist in their investigations.

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Suspect Identification

  • Head gear – hat/cap/beanie/balaclava
  • Skin tone – light/medium/dark
  • Scars
  • Brand names
  • Tattoos
  • Shirt – long/short/shirt/T-shirt
  • Jewellery – band/watch/rings
  • Gloves – light/medium/dark
  • Pants – long/short/denim/nylon


  • Hair colour – long/short
  • Glasses – tinted/seeing
  • Facial hair – clear face/bearded/moustache
  • Clothing graphics
  • Jacket – hoodie/windbreaker/jersey
  • Weapon – knife/gun/club
  • Pants – long/short/baggie
  • Footwear – boots/takkies/sandles


Vehicle Identification – Questions to ask

  • Colour
  • Damage
  • Markings
  • Model
  • Make
  • Shape
  • Registration


For stolen vehicles – police will ask these questions

  • Is the equipped with a tracking system
  • How much fuel is in the vehicle
  • Does the vehicle have an anti-hijacking cut-out switch and how soon will this happen?

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