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JMPD warns residents about bogus police

The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department is pleading with residents to be vigilant with bogus police.

The JMPD says the department is are aware of growing concerns regarding bogus police officers within the community. The metro police have indicated in a media statement that they are committed to ensuring the safety and security of all residents.

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“We are continuously working to fight crime in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies and the community. We appreciate the community’s support and cooperation in this endeavour,” said JMPD’s Superintendent Xolani Fihla.

He said bogus police officers pose a serious threat to the safety of communities.

Residents are urged to be vigilant and take the following steps if they suspect they have been stopped by a fake police officer:

Don’t stop immediately

  • If you suspect that you might be stopped by bogus police officers, do not stop immediately.

Drive to a safe place

  • Drive to the nearest police station, shopping complex, or any other busy area when you are stopped by an unmarked vehicle fitted with blue lights. Avoid stopping at a deserted spot or area to talk on your phone or even relieve yourself.

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Turn on hazard lights

Signal to the officer that you acknowledge their presence and intend to comply by turning on your hazard lights.

Verify Identity

  • You have the right to request a police officer who is not in uniform and in an unmarked vehicle to identify themselves by producing their appointment card that would have their rank, date of service, and picture on it.

Call for help if you are being followed and call the National Crime Stop Number 08600 10111 and report it. If possible, provide the registration number of the vehicle that is following you to the operator, so it may be established if it is a legitimate police vehicle or not.

Report Suspicious Activity

  • Report any suspicious activities to your nearest police station.

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