Suenami ready to hit pavements

FOURWAYS - Unkempt pavements are not safe with the Green Suenami about to hit.

To ensure three intersections get cleaned up, Susan Mottram has started to fuel the fire for residents and businesses to take ownership of busy intersections.

The intersection at Witkoppen Drive and Riverbend Road needs ongoing maintenance and Total head office has taken up the challenge.

The Douglas Drive and Witkoppen Road intersection was on the list. Funds were needed for maintenance at the Malibongwe Drive and Bellairs Drive intersection and the North Riding Residents Association has committed to ongoing clean-ups.

“The vision for each project is to clean and landscape the pavements, and protect the pavements from unlawful parking and consequent damage by installing bollards,” she said.

The project was still on the back burner until City of Johannesburg departments approved the private funding of maintenance.

Mottram said there was progress and some departments already agreed to the project’s go-ahead.

“Permission to alter a pavement must always been obtained from the local municipality prior to proceeding with alterations because pavements are the property of the city. Johannesburg Roads Agency approved the projects in March.”

Private funding was the next step. Mottram said companies could sponsor intersections and have their logos displayed on the site.

Green Suenami is a Fourways Review and Hirsch’s Champion of the month nomination.

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