The Win A Home Duos complete their final decor challenge

With the 2 December 2018 Win A Home competition entry deadline looming, there has never been a better time than now to enter and be in the running for the biggest prize in South African television!

Over the past 11 weeks, the Win A Home Design Duos have impressed and inspired with their creative and innovative decor decisions. Their three Win A Home penthouse apartments are nearing completion and in a nail-biting penultimate judging last Thursday, Team R&K claimed their third room challenge.

This leaves the scores going into the final judging at: Team Contrast Control having won two challenges, the bathroom challenge and double spare room challenge, which they tied with Team R&K for the win. Team Perma Peeps with one win for the master bedroom challenge and Team R&K in the lead with three wins for the double spare room challenge, the kitchen challenge and the lounge & balcony challenge.

With all three penthouse apartments fully decorated, the final step before the 13 December Win a Home Grand Finale, is for the Duos to sort any decor, installation and construction snags they might have with their remaining budgets! The Win A Home judges will spend the night in the apartments to really get a feel of the design layout before they make their final decision on who the winning Duo should be.

Will it be Team Contrast Control with their bold, eclectic decor approach? Team Perma Peeps, who opted for a more minimalistic style with a key focus on permaculture practices flowing throughout their space? Or Team R&K whose high-end, luxurious and glam decor choices have been a favourite with the judges thus far?

It’s not only the judges that will have their work cut out for them choosing between these three stunning apartments. One lucky Win A Home viewer, who is drawn as the Grand Prize winner, has to choose which of the three apartments they would like to call home!

If you would like to be in the running for the Win A Home Grand Prize then make sure you enter by filling out the entry form on the Private Property website and voting for your favourite Design Duo’s apartment. Don’t miss the penultimate episode of Win A Home, Thursday 6 December at 7:30 on SABC 3.

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