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Workshop teaches some yummy winter recipes

PINESLOPES – The domestic workers who attended the recent domestic workshop learned how to cook a yummy butternut soup as winter approaches.

Hirsch’s Fourways recently hosted their monthly Domestic Workshop for all the unsung heroines of the home, giving them the opportunity to learn and grow.

Winter is almost here, so it was in order that the ladies learnt how to make a delicious butternut soup from scratch. The ladies exchanged recipes and tips with each other, all of them excited to go and try it on their own.

The store’s Domestic Worker of the Month was Sisa Tshuma who was nominated by her employer, who explained that Tshuma works five days a week, carefully and efficiently cleaning an average of four homes per week. She does not leave the home until the job is properly finished.

Domestic workers with their certificates after they learned some delicious winter recipes. Photos: Supplied

Tshuma takes great pride in her work and wants everything to be spotless when she leave someone’s home. She has cleaned homes of many sizes. No matter how large or small the home is, she always ensures that everything is completed in a timely manner.

Afterwards, the women were spoiled to cappuccinos and the soup they all helped to prepare. This was followed by the certificate ceremony and the exchange of cleaning tips.

Details: Marjone Barnard marjone@hirschs.co.za;

083 456 5387.

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