Youngsters learn through play

NOORDWYK – Summerhill School took part in Global School Play Day on 5 February.

The children at Summerhill School celebrated Global School Play Day together on 3 February.

Head of the department for junior phase, Vanessa Singh said, “In an ever-changing educational climate, academic norms have taken more and more play away from students and replaced it with structured activities, schoolwork, and digital experiences to the point where they hardly ever ‘play’ at all.

“Summerhill School has always been a proponent of learning through play and encourages experimentation and investigations to foster learning.”

Singh added that on the day, the school eagerly embraced the global celebration by supporting unstructured playtime for their classes. “The students were given coloured play dough which was made by our enthusiastic hygiene support staff, for their unstructured playtime.”

She concluded, “Our students had fun playing unrestrained and unhindered with the squishy dough, and their smiles and contagious laughter were a testimony to them letting their creativity and imagination take over.”

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