VOX POP: How can bullying be prevented?

Spark Schools held its anti-bullying campaign that sought to educate learners about bullying and the consequences that come with it.

Spark Riversands took part in an anti-bullying campaign that included other Spark schools in the province. The initiative was centered around creating awareness of bullying.
The learners were shown examples and instances of bullying.

Various groups created posters to hang on the school walls and learners also marched around the school with their posters.

The Fourways Review spoke to a few learners to hear their thoughts on how bullying can be prevented.

LWANDLE MACHOBANE: You can start asking people to stop doing it. If they don’t stop, you must show them what bullying does to other people.
ANNA SCHRAMEL: I think bullying can be stopped by telling an adult, or by telling the person to stop. It’s not nice because people feel they are not welcome into a certain community.
ISIPHILE HADEBE: If people do not stop bullying, it’s a matter of fact that you can tell the teachers so that they are stopped and taught a lesson in not to be a bully.
LIFA MAKI: You can ask someone to stop bullying, and ask them how would they feel if they were being bullied or get hurt.

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